Baloney or Bologna? (my “B” alphabet writing challenge word!)

boloney sw

bo·lo·gna     noun \bə-ˈlō-nē also -nyə,      

: a wide cooked sausage that is cut into thin pieces and eaten in sandwiches

Day two! Today’s alphabet letter is B, and I happened upon the word baloney earlier and started to daydream about it and all the memories it inspired. The simple part of the question is whether it is baloney or bologna or boloney? No matter how you spell it, it sounds the same, and in my experience, I think it tastes the same.

As a child I had to take my lunch to school every day since I attended a private school without a full cafeteria. (this was also before the days of government mandates and support to schools to provide hot meals to students) The most common lunch entrée was the sandwich. On occasion there would be a thermos of soup or stew instead, but mostly it was a sandwich.

The variety of options for sandwiches was pretty limited in my memory. Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, just cheese, or baloney and cheese. You were super fortunate if you had roast beef or steak in between the slices of bread and that was very rare. (no pun intended!)

It has been a very long time since those days, and almost as long since I have had an opportunity to enjoy a baloney sandwich. Times have changed and baloney is not considered a very healthy food product anymore. It has been revealed that it is full of preservatives and countless unknown ingredients. It would border on child-abuse if you were to serve this to children now.

Regardless of the unhealthy reputation that baloney has now, I would love to have some anyway. Not sure which version sounds the best right now: – baloney and cheese, with mustard? Or, maybe with mayonnaise? With or without lettuce and tomato?? Or, another favorite version, fried with some onions and served with spicy mustard. Let’s not forget the breakfast version, fried with eggs, peppers and onions. Do YOU have a favorite way to eat bologna?

Thank you for letting me share about my memories, but I think I better go shopping and find a baloney sale somewhere. See you back here tomorrow as I share something about a word that begins with “C”.

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