About Me


I am one person, but I am also many people.

I entered the blog world a couple years ago – after I hit the half century mark – I was at the end of a 22 year marriage and found myself living alone for the first time in my entire life. My three children had become adults and were not dependant on me every minute of every day anymore. With shock and dismay I realized I knew less then than I have ever known.

I felt I had failed at my marriage, my family, my education, and my faith. I had been too busy to notice that I didn’t even know my path had become lost in the weeds. In an odd twist of irony, God answered my prayers with a new path… right back to Him and my family. The surprises unfolding have been beyond imagination…

Welcome to my journey of discovery, of healing, of remarriage with my first and only husband, plus renewed relationships and restored faith in God, my Catholic roots, and myself.

I am indeed a kaleidoscope – formed of many pieces and parts, contained in a world which is constantly turning and moving. I find that it looks much better with light at the end to illuminate the bright colors!

God’s Light is shining on me, helping me glow and grow.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. amysecrist

    Hi there, I keep looking for your name, but can’t see to find your bio anywhere! Just wanted to be able to address you respectfully in my comments 😉

      1. Amy Secrist

        I know…I am new to blogging and realize there is so much to learn! I guess it just takes time…

  2. Laura Leblow

    Hi Denise,
    Your Web site came up with “brain farts. And God” search. I recently was involved in a procrastion/assumption/ i.e bf event that is resulting in the closing of our business due to a Sate income tax levy. I will keep visiting your site to continue to gain some clearing to help me move forward in faith. Thank you for writing it down.

  3. thankyou for visiting an liking my post….I too am new to blogging my kids are younger and I’m not divorced but I too am starting to look for meaning in life beyond dishes and housework

    1. aha! that is a never -ending journey; the search for life beyond dishes and housework.
      my journey has had a few detours and rocky roads, but I am finding so much encouragement and guidance from listening to Catholic radio. I only wish I had found that resource in my early years as a catechist. Our meaning beyond the obvious is to help our children, ourselves and our spouse to be the holiest we can… it is not happiness, but holiness we need. Thanks for your comment, and I hope you come back more!

      1. ewtn is great too! as is loyola press they have a 3 minute meditaion that you can sign up for! I get it in the inbox daily but probably only read once a week or so….just rediscovered guideposts as well


  4. Hi Denise!
    Oh my!!! I have tears streaming as I read your intro! I found you after you started following our blog. I don’t know if you saw it, but we are also a remarried couple, thanks be to our Lord and Savior! He not only restored our marriage and rebuilt our family, He has become more and more real to us each and every day as we travel around the country (we’ve mainly been on the east coast, although we’ve made it to Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin). I look forward to learning more about your journey!

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