Peace After The Chaos


This photo I found with a handy google search is a good example of how my life feels sometimes – scrambled and chaotic.  But if you look close, there is some balance and artistic magic in the rendition.  I think that is really what my life strives to be.  I really need to say “our” lives, cause when you are married, you are merged as one.  It gets really chaotic when two parts of the one are going in multiple directions, with multiple responsibilities, desires, activities, hang-ups, and personalities.

It is important to find some peace and serenity, even in the chaos of our lives.  It is really important to step back and take a breath.

I just think it is sad that our world requires such chaos and busyness to survive – financially and socially.  I don’t believe God intended us to live like this.  Where in the bible is there any reference chasing the almighty dollar and joining multiple civic organizations and clubs?  We spend so much time doing with society and our own expectations drive us to that we have lost sight of what God wants from us.

I used to be what I am afraid to title “addicted to busy”.
addicted to busySome deep seeded need to be worthy drove me to fill my life and every moment with something – work, organizations, sports, studies, clubs, activities, people.  I can’t tell you how many of my kids activities became mine – scout leader, ball team manager, class room mom, religion teacher, PTA volunteer – for years and years, for kid after kid after kid after kid, and then some.   This doesn’t count the responsibilities of work, my own schooling, friends, and hobbies.  It was exhausting.  Some of it was rewarding and beneficial, but still exhausting… and some of it was definitely unnecessary.

Today is one of those days when I am remembering the exceptionally busy days when I found my value in the multiple activities and responsibilities.  I find that at this moment in my life though there is finally some peaceful and quiet time.    Time without as much chaos and overwhelming responsibilities.

I am savoring the peace after the chaos.  Wrapping my mind around the gift of time – peaceful time.



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