Celebrating My (restored and much better) Marriage

Who Moved My Tree


Our third anniversary is this month, although, not that long ago I would not have even believed that it would be possible to be married again after a divorce.  I would have said it was even less likely to be so happily remarried to my first husband!

Oh, but God.  Only God could have orchestrated our lives to be where they are now.

We are so grateful for all of God’s blessings.  They have been bestowed on us in many forms
Celebrate Recovery (a Christ centered 12 step recovery  program for any hurt, habit or hang-up)
Christian friends
Loving family
God’s timing
Crisis Family Care and Pastor Butch Heath
The Marriage Miracle
 worldwide marriage encounter
Prayers – known and unknown
and even tears… healing tears, painful tears, emotional tears, and finally – tears of joy and gratitude.

The turning point in our story occurred about 2 years after our divorce.  We…

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