I’m Back…Grateful and (still) Growing

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After a little sabbatical, I am inspired to put my fingers back on the keyboard to share from my heart.  A couple of things have poked me to get back into blog world- a truth or dare type question in a group recently asking if I could do anything and not fail, what would it be.  Write.  (where did that come from??)  The second was when a friend, a writer I admire, questioned whether I would be interested in joining a workshop to write a book.  A book?  I don’t know about that- a little too much commitment there.  But, the seeds were planted.

So, where have I been and why am I stumped on what to write?

To look for a little direction, I read back through my blog history, my personal journals, and some of my other projects and I realized that my best writing, or at least my most frequent writing, was when I was struggling or even in pain.  I am not that person anymore, so how do I write now?  I’m actually in a really good place, not struggling or in any pain.  Now I am even more encouraged to share my journey from then to now.

Well, let’s start with what caused my little blog sabbatical.

I got married.

Even more important, I actually remarried my ex-husband.

That usually gets some odd looks and blunt questions even.   Next month will be 3 years! (and, in November, we will celebrate what should be our 30th anniversary… which, according to a favorite priest, is valid, since in God’s eyes we remained married during our not so little legal divorce decreed in a cold courtroom)

God is good – because He gets all the credit here!  So much happened to get us to that point and then there are all the events since to share.


2 thoughts on “I’m Back…Grateful and (still) Growing

  1. Welcome back Denise! I’m interested to hear more of your story and how CR has affected you and your husband’s faith journey across denominations. My writing has mostly been on hold as well. Except for an occasional bit of inspiration, the Lord hasn’t released me to write. It sort of frustrates me at times, because I love writing, but I have to trust Him to return it at the ‘write’ time. Glad to hear you are diving in again. I look forward to hearing what the Lord has put on your heart to share. Ardis

    1. Thank you so much Ardis!
      It has been an exciting journey so far – with all a journey promises – curves, detours, rest-stops, and much more! Truly loving where it is taking me though and grateful for every experience and memory added to my life!
      I truly look forward to sharing, His way! Denise

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