“What could we have done differently?” 

I have the same feelings of frustration, fear and even guilt as I have watched my children floundering outside of our faith.
The journey is similar- the lack of thorough education and immersion in our beliefs is all of our faults.
I pray that with the increased availability of online resources (Catholic websites, blogs, EWTN and many catholic radio stations) returning to our beloved Catholic home will happen for our loved ones!

Gathered and Grown

I used to attend a mothers’ group at my former Parish. The mothers’ group met once weekly for a faith study and fellowship. Partway through the year, a seminarian was sent to our Parish to help and learn. While working at our parish, he was ordained deacon and eventually priest. We all felt a sense of motherly pride.

Deacon Matthew used to come and chat with us during mothers’ group. One day we got chatting about my oldest son. Once very involved in the parish’s youth group and reading ministry, he had made a sudden about-face and announced that he did not believe in God. Deacon Matthew listened and asked thoughtfully: “What could we have done differently?” To keep him in the fold, to prevent him from turning away from God and leaving the church.

At the time, caught off guard while bouncing one twin in the sling and the…

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