Alphabet Fail, Gratitude Prevails


Well, I have to confess, I have failed at my own alphabet challenge. (a post a day for each letter of the alphabet!)  Life and memories have gotten in the way unfortunately for the abc’s.

Memories, specifically my hometown’s memories, is a new ‘group’ on my facebook this month.  It has taken over like a virus, expanding, digging, uncovering, and sharing at a rate that amazes me.  The members span many generations and the sharing of various people, places, and events from our hometown have been exploding with energy.  I think I have an addiction.

This makes me realize that sometimes it is our past that becomes our comfort zone.  Even if the past has unpleasant memories included (trauma, heartbreak, chaos), we are drawn to it.  Why?  Because we know it, it is familiar, shared, and even personal.  Unlike today and tomorrow, which are unknown and foreign yet.

Instead of my alphabet a day, I have at least joined the other facebook trend for November.  The daily gratitude.  Today’s gratitude is important – I am thankful for my friends – new, old, evolving, forgotten and unknown.  My friends include those important parts of our lives that provide our own comfort zones, our inspiration, our catalysts, even our challenges. 

Friends are my abc’s.  They are the pieces and parts to my life’s puzzle. God’s grace is the guide and glue to make me whole.

C.S. Lewis said, “The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”

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