Destiny… A Quandry – (My “D” alphabet writing challenge word)


 noun \ˈdes-tə-nē\                                               

: what happens in the future : the things that someone or something will experience in the future

: a power that is believed to control what happens in the future


Destiny is not a word or event that I want to explore at all! I have been thinking all day about a random word that begins with D, and destiny just kept pestering me. I am not happy about how to acknowledge that there is such a thing as destiny. Frankly, it confuses me and even makes me a little angry.

The definition implies that destiny is some power believed to control what happens in the future. Well, I don’t know about what the dictionary says, I say that destiny is just a fancy word for God. I believe that the only power that controls what happens in any future is God, God, God, and only God.

So, as for me, my future is determined by God-destiny and I am definitely okay with that turn of events! Finally I have turned my alphabet letter D dilemma and quandary into a reassuring definition. God is my destiny and my destiny is by my God. How about you??

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