A Never Ending Story, or Is It??



     Must all stories have an ending?  That is my dilemma lately because I want to share my story, but as of now, the ending eludes me.  Every day is an ending in itself, if only for that day though.

     The harder part of my story telling challenge is that I don’t know where the beginning is.  The dilemma multiplies the more I ponder it.  Pondering is dangerous lately.  It creates more confusion upon existing confusion. 

    Are you as dizzy as I am now?  My life, my story, feels a lot like being on a carousel.  Round and round I go, where will it stop?  Or, better yet, should it stop?  Maybe it did stop and it is only continuing to spin around in my delusions.  That is a tough thought to ponder.  Let’s quit this mad pondering.

   The greatest promise is that the more important ending is really the beginning.  The BEGINNING!!

I will focus on the next beginning and the journey to that point.  After my last day here, I yearn to be raised as He promised.  I strive to show my gratitude, giving Him the glory and honor every step of the way. 

Even if it feels as if I go round and round, I recognize that I am frequently lifted up on soaring wings, refreshed with the breeze at higher altitudes.  I also welcome the dips and valleys of the journey as opportunity to gain traction, settle my soul, and prepare for the next flight.   

“John 6:54:“he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day”

2 thoughts on “A Never Ending Story, or Is It??

  1. Jessica Adriel-Gaffney

    I think post has the most emotion yet. And yes, the journey did stop and you are on your path. Perhaps you don’t know where you are going because you keep looking through the trees to the path that someone else is on! Watching them will only cause you to stumble over a root or rock! Ask our exercise guru with the mountain bike.

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