It’s All Good.. I Got Bubble Wrap!

bubble wrap

I think it is the little things that inspire the easiest smiles.  At least for me. 

Life Interrupted. 

Our days become hectic and crazed with responsibilities, activities, distractions, interactions and just plain ol’ life.  Is it just me?  Or does Live simply take up all of our time and attention?

My mornings begin with walking the dog, fixing the coffee, prayer and devotional time.  I try to finish leftover clean up from the previous evening that I inevitably leave for the midnight, non-existent cleanup crew.  Then that rolls into bathroom time – shower, makeup, hair.  Segway to the bedroom to select the daily wardrobe and then rush out the front door to the real world.   I join the morning traffic jam of carpools, school busses and service vehicles as I make my the daily commute to the office, sipping my own home-brewed coffee en route while listening to the radio for any news.
Work is full of deadlines, meetings, strategic planning, reports, and of course, interruptions.
When the workday winds down, the evening commute takes me to various destinations depending on the day of the week:  class, bible study, meeting, appointments, more work, or maybe I am lucky to get to go straight home.
Finally at home, the chores  and responsibilities of homeownership, pet parenting, daily living, and part time parenting pull me in many directions.

Tonight I was ending my day, tackling a couple of those darned chores and some troubling thoughts started to sneak in.  Who am I?  Am I doing His will?  Am I listening to His directions?  Should I make some changes?  Maybe I need to be more still?  Can I be more patient?  Probably I need to have more courage. 

This was a silly way to almost ruin what had been an especially delightful evening with a friend.  We had gone out for a nice meal together, walked around the local street fair, shopping and just enjoying our time together.  

 Some of our conversation inspired me to begin more reflecting on my own life, which led to the deeper thinking once home alone.  But, before I got too muddled down in those thoughts I had a wonderful interruption.  

Bubble wrap.  It was right there on my counter, next to the sink.  Instead of emptying the dishwasher and putting away all the clean dishes from the night before, I picked up the bubble wrap.  I looked at it as if it was something I had never seen before.

What is it here for?  Where did it come from?  Should I save it?  Maybe it was supposed to be in the garbage?

No, I think it is right where it is supposed to be.  Right where I would see it and be distracted by its presence.  Because, I am sure that I needed that bubble wrap.  It is entertaining me and comforting me as well.  It brings back so many memories of the many other bubble wraps that I have received wrapped around precious gifts, or used to protect valuable possessions.

Regardless of its many valuable uses, I have found the best one yet for my new bubble wrap treasure.

pop, pop, pop….. pop, pop, pop.

It’s all good, ’cause I got bubble wrap!  🙂


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