Penny from Heaven. In My BED???

pennyThe alarm clock sounded…too early in my opinion. I like my mornings much better when I wake naturally, and watch for the minutes to click away before my alarm goes off. This was not one of those mornings most likely due to a restless night.

I had entered my bed and bedroom the evening before with some worry and conflicts on my heart. I tried to set them aside and label them as irrelevant and nothing I could change anyway. After a nice weekend with friends and family, made even more special because my husband was part of the mix, I was faced with an empty house and an empty bed at the end.

The two saddest moments of my days – are going to sleep alone and waking up alone. In between I can distract and even deceive myself, but, when facing the night and facing the day – I find that my husband is no longer part of those precious moments. This is a result of a separation and legal divorce that fractured our 22 year marriage and relationship, presumably beyond repair.

Thanks to God, and a wonderful recovery program at a local church, our friendship has been restored and our faith has been resurrected. He has healed his hurts and hang-ups and, thanks to his invitation I have been working on my own. One of the first lessons I have learned and re-learned is to know that God is always with us, 24/7. I didn’t think I needed to be reminded of that lesson, but apparently God did.

When I awoke from that restless night and faced another morning all alone in my bed, I found a surprise as I made up my bed. There it was; a penny, laying face up on the sheets in that empty space next to where I slept.

How it got there is irrelevant, but the significance of that silly little penny is incredible. I remembered the saying I had heard about “pennies from heaven”. Something about finding pennies in unusual spots or on your path is supposed to signify someone watching over you from heaven. For only a few moments I pondered, “Who… who could be watching over me?”… the answer was loud and clear – “My Father”.

I was so grateful for my penny from heaven, especially since it was in my bed!

4 thoughts on “Penny from Heaven. In My BED???

  1. Love this.. Yes, God will send “pennies from heaven” as a sign. I feel lead to leave you this link for this song and just remember that God is always in control…Seek Him and His will for you and your marriage. He is a God of covenant. Many blessings to you…

    I will be praying for you and your husband…

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