Squirrels in the Outfield


Have you ever had those moments when you get totally distracted by a shiny object or an inappropriate thought?   I have heard that the simple term for this is “squirrel”.  I am sure it was generated from a scene in a movie that I either missed or didn’t pay attention to.  Regardless, the term has become an easy excuse for getting off track easily – either in task or conversations.

For me, I think these squirrels are my own little angels  – I call them my squirrels in the outfield.
Their job is to remind me of forgetten items on my ever growing “to do list”, or to inspire a different direction for the path I may be stuck on, or maybe just to distract me so I can regroup a little.

I love my squirrels and I hope to keep them on my team. 

Happy Trails, and squirrel blessings.

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